Best selling Author

Cordelia Elizabeth & Mamas Cup Presents:

Giving Grace: Volume 1

a collection of stories from mamas to mamas

A collection of stories from mamas to mamas

Motherhood doesn’t come with a manual to guide us or a toolkit to “fix” the problems and challenges that often arise along the way. Though there’s no yellow-brick road to follow, mamas show up, ultimately giving their best and sometimes their all.

In this thoughtful and encouraging co-author book series, Giving Grace, thirteen moms authentically share pieces of their motherhood journey- filled with moments of transparency, reflection, and gratitude. In every chapter, a mama imparts lessons of love, faith, and courage. You will laugh, you will cry and you may even see yourself in their testimonials.

Collectively, this book will heal your mama spirit and allow your open arms to embrace grace.

What readers are saying about Giving Grace

As a mom of two girls and a wife, this book was right on time in my life! Giving Grace is a beautifully written book that can resonate with mothers in all stages of parenting and life. It serves as a gentle reminder that I am not alone in this journey we call motherhood!

- Chelsea M.

"It was so interesting to listen to the ups and downs, the ins and outs, the highs and lows of motherhood. Each chapter a different experience. I totally enjoyed it. I highly suggest if you’re a mother, thinking about being a mother, or know someone who’s a mother this book is for you."

- Dawn J.

"The stories in this book are amazing! Every mother had a different story, but the one thing that tied them together was strength. My mother's story One Way Ticket is the one that inspired me the most"

- Ty S.

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Hey there Mama!

I'm Cordelia Elizabeth proud Mom of five, Speaker, Author, and Homeschooling Mompreneur. I've been coined the "Black Mary Poppins" and "The Boss Mom Mentor" by my colleagues and clients.

I'm a huge proponent of women being happy, healthy, fulfilled, and successful at home, with their family and in their business. That's why by taking action to move beyond limiting beliefs and behaviors while mastering the practical side of daily living.

When I'm not writing and helping my clients navigate their family, home, personal and professional lives, you can find me drinking tea lattes out of pretty tea cups, indulging in gratitude infused nature walks, hosting dinner parties for my family and friends, and excitedly kicking off impromptu dance parties with my five kiddos until they beg me to stop!

Best selling Author

Cordelia Elizabeth & Mamas Cup Presents:

Giving Grace: Volume 1

a collection of stories from mamas to mamas